A mobile money service that offers the most convenient access to Financial Services for everybody! AsiaHawala offers services that define the way for you to perform your financial transactions in the easiest way. From paying utility bills, sending money to your loved ones, and to paying for food and fees, the options are literally unlimited for everyone.

Registration can be done directly from your comfort zone, just dial *212# and enjoy the various services of AsiaHawala. Anyone can walk into any of AsiaHawala Main Dealer, Franchisee, POSs to avail different services under AsiaHawala and to transfer the wallet from lite to standard.

For a Standard Wallet with enhanced limits, thresholds, and functionalities, it is mandatory that the MSISDN is registered against the customers’ name. The registration to Lite Wallet does not require this check, but the customer should submit the documents within 2 months otherwise the wallet would be blocked. Also, the Lite Wallet has very restricted limits and thresholds that will not allow the customer to perform major transactions.

A customer can register by visiting any of AsiaHawala Shops, Main Dealers or point of sales and a customer can also self-register through using the USSD short code. In order to register with the Main Dealer or point of sales, the customer needs to have either of the following:

  • For Iraqi citizens: (Civil ID or National ID, Residency Card, a colored photo).
  • For Non-Iraqis: Passport with visa entry and also the residency card if the person is living in Iraq.

Through AsiaHawala wallet any foreigner can transfer money to all over Iraq.

As per rule the subscriber/customer needs to have Asiacell SIM in order to have AsiaHawala wallet.

The limits and thresholds cannot be changed.

The users can register to a wallet and can cash in at any time. It’s not mandatory to cash in right at the time of registration.

The registration for AsiaHawala is free of charge for the customers/subscribers.

You can visit point of sales section on the website to know the location of our designated agents. Or you can ask us on AsiaHawala social media accounts. Or you can call 220 to find out the nearest POS from you.

Any person can make Money transfer to other people having AsiaHawala wallets. Both the sender and the receiver must have wallets.

Money transaction for either the sender or the receiver is done instantly. It takes less than 30 seconds.

There is no time limit. It can be done at any time and from any place.

If the amount is not received within 15 minutes while confirmation messages are received, please call our Call Center at 220.

SMS notification will be sent to the sender and the receiver or the customer at the time any transaction or any leg of the transaction is completed.

Please call the Customer Care or visit the nearest Shop, and they will provide the required assistance as per defined point of sales.

The Transaction ID is in the SMS. If the customer has forgotten his Transaction or deleted the SMS, he may obtain it by calling the customer service center to provide the required information.

The customer should ensure that the phone numbers mentioned on the transaction receipt are correct. He should then call the Call Center at 220 and after verification, the call center agent will confirm the transaction status and if required have the confirmation messages resent.

The ownership of the account cannot change under any circumstances. For a SIM with an associated account, the ownership of the SIM cannot be changed until and unless the account is first closed by the owner.

In case of any account closure, personal or commercial, the balance of the wallet must be checked and if there is any, then you need to cash out and then close the account. In case of company wallet closure, the user wallets linked to the main wallet will be closed too.

Ideally once Asiacell blocks a number, a subscriber cannot access his/her account. If the number is stolen, subscriber needs to report the case to Asiacell immediately in order to have it blocked along with the wallet.

As per rules, there can be only one Wallet per MSISDN. This means that an MSISDN can have one Personal Wallet. A Commercial Wallet holder can open one Personal Wallet against his same MSISDN.

As long as the mobile numbers are different, wallets could be opened on each mobile number after deleting the the first one an registering under the other one. One person can have only one account at AsiaHawala.

No, AsiaHawala wallet is different from your Asia Cell’s account balance.

  1. Dial *212#
  2. Press (3) from the main menu for bills
  3. Press (2) for pay bill
  4. Press (1) for biller ID
  5. Enter the biller ID for Fastlink (6121)
  6. Enter subscriber PIN number
  7. Enter the months you want to pay for
  8. Enter the wallet PIN code to process the request
  9. You will receive a notification on the success of the process
  1. Dial *212#
  2. Press (3) from the main menu for bills
  3. Press (2) for pay bill
  4. Press (1) for biller ID
  5. Enter the biller ID for EarthLink (9988)
  6. Choose one of the parts that you want to charge
  7. Enter the wallet PIN code to process the request
  8. You will receive a notification on the process with the username and password
  9. Connect your device with EarthLink WIFI
  10. A page will appear asking for the username and password
  11. Enter the received username and password by an SMS
  12. You will have EarthLink for a day, a week, or a month according to the card you purchased.
  1. Dial *212#
  2. Press (2) for mobile top-up
  3. Press (1) to top-up your Asiacell line
  4. After that purchase the requested card
  5. Enter the PIN code for confirmation
  6. You will receive an SMS with the success of the process.
  1. Dial *212#
  2. Press (6) from the main menu for my account
  3. Press (1) for AsiaHawala balance enquiry
  4. Enter your PIN code
  5. Your balance will appear on your phone
  1. Dial *212#
  2. Press (6) from the main menu for my account
  3. Press (3) for language change
  4. Choose the language you want
  5. Enter the PIN code
  6. The language will be changed.