EarthLink WIFI

Stay connected using Earthlink hot spots all over Iraq by purchasing Earthlink e-card (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) from your mobile using your AsiaHawala. Start by opening an account with AsiaHawala and use it in any place that provide the service.

How to Purchase Earthlink e-card?

  1. Dial *212#
  2. Press (3) from the main menu for bills
  3. Press (2) for pay bill
  4. Press (1) for biller ID
  5. Enter the biller ID for EarthLink (9988)
  6. Choose the plan that you want
  7. Enter the wallet PIN code to process the request
  8. You will receive a notification on the process with the username and password
  9. Connect your device with EarthLink WIFI
  10. A page will appear asking for the username and password
  11. Enter the received username and password by an SMS

What is biller ID

Biller ID is a special number used by AsiaHawala to identify EarthLink, EarthLink Biller ID is 9988.

You will receive an SMS containing e-card details, username and password

EarthLink will be active for the period Daily, Weekly, or Monthly depending on purchased e-card.