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Be connected anytime anywhere, wherever you are by purchasing any of Fastlink plans whenever you need through AsiaHawala. Open an AsiaHawala account start using this service.

How to Purchase Fastlink?

  1. Dial *212#
  2. Enter (3) from the main menu for bills
  3. Enter (2) for Bill Payment
  4. Enter (1) for biller ID
  5. Enter the biller ID (6121) for Fastlink
  6. Enter Fatlink Account Number (PIN)
  7. Enter chosen plan number
  8. Enter the PIN code to process the request
  9. You will receive a notification on the success of the process.

What is biller ID

Biller ID is a special number used by AsiaHawala to identify Fastlink, Fastlink Biller ID is 2161.

What is Fastlink Account?

It is subscription account number with Fastlink, you can find your account number at

You will receive a short SMS about the process. The FastLink account will automatically be filled in according to category you purchased without having to manually enter the card number.