Merchant Payment

This is a payment service enables merchant, shopkeepers, hotels, cafes, restaurants or any other business to get paid for selling their product and services through their mobile, the subscriber can pay directly by a few simple stamps or the seller can initiate the payment and the subscriber confirm the payment by entering his PIN.

The account holder also has access to wide range of features through web portal to view transaction reports, user management for businesses or performing most of operations performed on mobile using USSD or mobile App.

simplifies payment, business management by allowing many payment channels through web portal, manage reports and functionality of pseudo users according to groups and roles and no longer need cash deal only in e-money.

What is the benefit of Merchant Payment?

  • Payment made easy not cash required when purchasing products and service such as shops, restaurants and other businesses
  • Merchants can get payment in secure and safe way for their services and products
  • No cash payments are made through your mobile to merchant

How Payments Work?

  1. Dial *212#  
  2. Enter 4 for Payments
  3. Enter receiver’s mobile number
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. You will receive an SMS containing details of the payment