Online Payment Service

  • Manage your invoices and transactions with our simple online reporting tools
  • Accept payment in three languages English, Arabic and Kurdish
  • Easy and simple integration, integrate using plugging button and access payment though our payment website
  • Integration solution available for Website, Mobile App and all other devices
  • Mobile money solutions for merchant, merchant payment trough Mobile App and USSD
  • Easy and simple steps for your customers to access payment


Our Online payment gateway lets you to make payment safely and securely. With merchant payment we offer customers more than just one way to pay, We've simplified our payment service integrations. Business now can integrate with minimal development by using our plugging button or design their own button to start payment. The AsiaHawala merchant account allow businesses to track and manage their transactions, giving you valuable reporting and insight into your Online payment.


Taking payments is simple


Online shopping basket Customers add items to their Online shopping basket and click on AsiaHawala Pay Now Button


You will be redirected to AsiaHawala payment service. Enter your mobile number and click Pay Now.


You receive an SMS and notification to enter your PIN to confirm the transaction. Enter your PIN on your mobile.


Payment confirmation notification and an SMS sent to you, for future reference please do not delete SMS.


Integration AsiaHawala payments provides payment buttons as a quick and easy solution, payment buttons let you securely accept payments from subscribers of AsiaHawala. The merchants have option to use our payment service solution for their websites, mobile apps, and other devices sizes or integrate developing payment service, the API is available for merchant who like to develop the payment service suit their requirements.


AsiaHawala standard button designed for merchant who want to integrate with minimum development, just by including the code snippet and setting a few parameters your application is connected to our payment service.


The merchant may prefer to integrate to our payment service by using our soup API to develop their own solution, the merchant is responsible for handling development and cost. Integrate your web application, mobile app, or any other device application to our payment service


You could integrate our payment service into your mobile applications Android and IOS using inappbrowser with minimal development. The Inappbrowser essentially loads our payment website in to a new tap living in merchant mobile application when payment completed the tab is closed.


The recommend that developers to integration using this method to integrate to our payment service using dynamic posting of form request, the developer can assign all critical information to parameters and post the form dynamically when button clicked. This method will hide critical information from user and secure merchant information and the developer can design a button that suit their website style and design.